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Far from the urban centres, the outskirts of Buenos Aires offer each time less spaces for social meetings and opportunities for extracurricular activities for the youth. Consequently, this marginalization of the young people left to themselves leaves leads to a critical situation of growing juvenile criminality and prostitution. The Centre for Youth Activities of the High School N°8 in Libertad (neighbourhood Los Aromos) is located in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. The Initiative Liberdad offers 50 young persons between 12 and 19 years old from the neighbourhood Los Aromos two workshops (drawing and theatre), in order to reintegrate them into society. Evolutio-International supports this initiative additionally to the minimum financing provided by the government of the Province of Buenos Aires for a duration of three years and therefore aims to finance a third teacher as well as the material for the existing and the new third workshop for 25 additional young people.

Budget: CHF 5'566.-

[We are currently raising funds for the implementation of this initiative.]