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To support Evolution International’s activities commits your social responsibility and brings you to participate in the socio-economical development of the most underprivileged communities.                                         

In order to be able to finance its activities while remaining independent and committed to its values, Evolutio-International lies on various partners from the private sector

These contributions are essential for the functioning of the organisation and can be sponsorships, subsides, legs or any other free provisions that a company or public/private institution may be willing to offer us.

Thus for credibility reasons, Evolutio-International can’t accept financial support from a company active in a sector contrary to our values and field of activity (ex. weapon and tobacco industry)

We offer you:

-         A chance to support development

-         An occasion to commit your social responsibility

-         The visibility of your logo with a hyper link on the front page of our website

-         Full transparency regarding the use of the funds

-         A follow-up of the activity you have supported

If you wish to support us or may you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to send us an email.