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Evolutio International’s aim is to endeavor social as well as human development of underprivileged communities by elaborating projects and financing different local, long-lasting and overall partnership like initiatives. Our fields of activity are health, education, economy, environment and culture. Evolutio International is a non-governmental and non profit-making organization. Its activities are also free from any political or religious membership.

The organization’s approach to its activities is based essentially on the respect of human dignity and the promotion of basic rights. By giving the very poor means to come out off difficult situations and by giving them the possibility to satisfy their own needs, this very approach enables underprivileged people to initiate common activities.

Would you want to learn more about Evolutio International’s objectives and values, please refer to the Ethical Charter.


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Social capital is the fruit of a common effort. Not only does it allow contribution to cooperation within a community, but it also helps to improve the situation of every individual in this community.