Our association

NGO, recognized as being of public utility, Evolutio International mainly aims to support private initiative projects likely to have a positive impact on the social life of the community. The ethics of our organization are based on universal respect, non-discrimination, human dignity. Its objective is to finance sustainable local projects and initiatives, based on partnership.

Ongoing initiative


The rural world, where everything begins, is an organic laboratory where we can characterizephenomena and especially where it is possible to intervene judiciously in order to collectively improve the living conditions of its inhabitants and their environment.

Based on this observation of rurality, we launched the local Rural Lab initiative in Santa Helena, Barichara, Santander, Colombia. It is about creating a space for social experimentation that aims to design, test and implement tools to improve the sustainable and resilient practices of local inhabitants. In this way, social actors participate in the creation of proposals and solutions to local problems, always through changes or innovations that improve specific aspects of their communities. Evolutio International is currently seeking funding for this local initiative which aims, among other things, to protect the environment and guarantee access to drinking water in a rural Andean region.




Projet Barichara

Projet en cours

Our Vision

Evolutio International’s aim is to endeavor social as well as human development of underprivileged communities by elaborating projects and financing different local, long-lasting and overall partnership like initiatives. Our fields of activity are health, education, economy, environment and culture.